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EunHae’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
@leedonghae: I pick leader Teuk-ee hyung, Shindong-ee hyung, Heechul-ee hyung next; and Seungil-ee hyung, fighting ^^ Let’s do it ELF !!

@eunhyukee44: Ice Bucket Challenge !! Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong let’s do it !!

Heechul’s comment on Donghae’s instavid: Hey there,I didn`t get hit with water even during refreshing game..can I just do the good deeds part?

Heechul’s comment on Eunhyuk’s instavid: What do you think about hyung not getting hit with water and just doing the good deeds,my best friend?

All translations by @NKSubs

Urineun Syupeo Juni-eo!

fast thinking, sungmin


@siwon407: He is back.@special1004 welcome back.


Donghae T&IG Update | 140522

@donghae861015We just play with SM !!:)

Who’s the prettiest?

super hero siwon 

question for sungmin: please use 20 seconds to recommend your favourite song in the album.

20140407 Han Geng & Siwon at Jackie Chan's birthday event

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